FREE – Amazon Fire TV Stick – Ipad Iphone Android Screen mirroring

FREE – Amazon Fire TV Stick – Ipad Iphone Android Screen mirroring

Duplicate the screen of an iPad, iPhone, or an Android Tablet or Smartphone on your home TV can be very useful for sharing with relatives and friends and photos, videos or music.

The same applies to watch a movie, maybe purchased on Google Video or on iTunes, on a much more satisfying than the screen, albeit excellent, a phone or a tablet.

Duplicate the screen Iphone Ipad Tablet and Android Smartphone

On Amazon Fire TV Stick, the “Screen mirroring” has really become a breeze, and, to make matters worse, the mirroring process is completely free.

So let’s see how to proceed to activate the duplication of a screen Iphone cell phone rather than a smartphone Sansung, Huawei etc …

What you need to mirror the screen of Iphone Ipad Android on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

  • One Smart TV with Amazon Fire TV Stick connected to our Wifi network
  • A smartphone connected to the same wifi network

Let’s see how to turn on video mirroring a smartphone or tablet on Amazon Fire TV Stick

First open the link from this link and try AllConnect for Fire TV … download the app by clicking on the corresponding Download with 1-click

After a few seconds you should see the app in My App … all you have to do, is open it !

Now from your Smartphone, Tablet, go on the right  reference store:

On that Store look and install for  AllConnect for Fire TV (the photo that I leave is an Iphone but it is the same for Android)

Your TV Show this screen …

Open the app on your device right away will scan the network and find the fire tv stick (in my case also a direct connection to the TV but no matter)

Take a TAP icon of your Fire TV Stick that will be connected and you will be presented with a menu of what to transmit … choose whatever you want from photos, videos, browser etc …

Whatever you choose you will see it broadcast live on your Smart TV

You can also use the remote control of the Fire TV Stick to go Back to Next-Stop and Play.

> For questions or suggestions … we write it in the comments !!!

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