Since this summer, Telegram has introduced one of the innovations that could be a great advantage over the renowned WhatsApp rival, that is, compatibility with the so-called ” bot “.

Bots are automatic contacts that can be developed by anyone who can chat directly from the chat to answer questions and perform various actions at our request, such as searching for images, stickers, and adding tracking to a package.

Once started, they can be used simply by entering short instructions, which are usually single words preceded by slash “/” .

One of the best-known and used bots is the one that allows us to talk to perfect strangers through Telegram , in fact, once it started,it will connect randomly to another user with whom we can start a conversation; So here is a brief explanation of how to start it ( but give me a Like on a social to open the content of this post !!! ):

  • Once you’ve entered  Telegram app, go to the chat section and hit the top right icon to start a new conversation;
  • In the “Search for contacts or username” bar, enter the name of the bot, in this case “strangerbot” and you will see the following result as in the image;
  • Open the contact, and you will see a normal chat screen, with a short description of the bot at the center and the “Start” button at the bottom; once started, you will automatically start looking for a random person that  you will be connected;
    Now you can start a normal conversation with anyone on the other side, just inserting the slash “/”, you will be able to enter several commands, such as ending the conversation, starting a new one with another user, or reporting a person’s misconduct With which you were talking.
    Remember that no bot is officially developed by Telegram, so sometimes it may cause problems or fail to work, however, it’s possible to report the malfunction to the bot creator if you contact him via  internet.

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