How to convert DVD to MP4 – FREE!

How to convert DVD to MP4 – FREE!

Do you need an absolutely stable and FREE DVD to MP4 converter?

How to convert DVD to MP4

Do you want to watch your favorite movies or videos on a portable device? Or do you need to send them easily via email?

This short guide explains how to convert DVD to MP4 quickly and easily.

The solution that I propose is totally free and multiplatform: It works on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Download the appropriate version of the program from and follow these simple instructions.

  • Download and install Handbrake from the link above (version compatible with your system)
  • Start handbrake after inserting the DVD to be converted into your player
  • Choose the DVD player as the data source in Handbrake
  • Wait for the DVD scan to check the characteristics of the video contained in it and choose only, at the bottom, in which folder of your PC and with which name to save the converted file (you can use the Browse button)
  • Once the name has been chosen, start the conversion process (2) that will end after several minutes … in the chosen folder you will find your perfectly converted file.

Follow the Youtube video of the whole process: from the installation of the software to the creation of the MP4 file.

How to convert DVD to MP4 – FREE!

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