IPTV Lists 2019 last update – February 2019

IPTV Lists 2019 last update – February 2019

FREE – The best lists IPTV in February 2019 and most reliable sources to be used by both Smart TV and PC, smartphone, tablet or TV Box!

If you still do not know what we talk about when we reason of IPTV take a look at this article … and do it quickly because they’re rimandendo back !!!

Assuming you now know what we’re talking about, we see the lists of the most interesting channels to use IPTV services from any device.

I do remember that IPTV lists are independent of the application that uses them and basically compatible with all systems playback.

Lists IPTV channels  –  February 2019

  • http://bit.ly/m3ubyinfogwinfogw auto-updating (Does not work with Windows App IPTV * 10) – many channels not working
  • http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=8GpCCkhfinfogw auto-updating alternative link (Does not work with the App IPTV Windows 10 *) – many channels not working
  • http://www.pandasat.info/iptv/kodiPandaSat – AGAIN AVAILABLE – Many channels not working
  • https://pastebin.com/raw/sG5cusFp/.m3uQDR Forum – Many channels off
  • https://pastebin.com/raw/M4q7YxPW – the Fluxus.tv (Italian from channel 520 approximately) very rich NOn but the link is self-updating and frequently checked for proper operation of all flows

These are IPTV lists for digital terrestrial Italian updated in February 2019 .

There are also websites that spread lists IPTV content with “questionable” … first make note that

Use a system to watch any copyrighted content is illegal and strictly puntito by law. Sites that offer free lists m3u IPTV Italy must be visited just to studioe / or search for free channels or content that does not violate the copyright dirtto.
The following are information found online. There are sites owned by us and we are not related neither directly nor indirectly.
If you decide to use illegal content, you’ll have to do it conscious to assume fully the responsibility for your actions.

The most frequented sites where to find free IPTV lists – lists IPTV February 2019


Here you can download daily updated playlist of different countries Italy , Germany, Spain, England, France. Select the list that interests us and let us click. The site, in my opinion, contains illegal content. https://sourcetv.info/

albaniaiptv.comhe HAS REOPENED! but it is particularly slow

As above – there are some of the best lists available of free IPTV web. The site, in my opinion, contains illegal content. https://www.albaniaiptv.com/


Site similar to the first two, but at least at first glance, not updated at least at this time. The site, in my opinion, contains illegal content. http://www.2iptv.com/


Updates less frequent especially in Italy (every 3 days or so). The rest is pretty much equal. The prevailing presence of advertising offered by Google leaves me to assume that the contents are essentially legal.

http://autoiptv.net/pages/playlists/ – many off channels

the planet list … it is interested in about half of IT list.

www.forfreeiptv.comNew Entry!

Several European lists including Italy

https://uiblog.altervista.org/liste-iptv-aggiornate-ogni-giorno-quasi-gratis/New Entry!

Several European lists including Italy


I remind you that if you fail to use the IPTV services from devices on your home network Presumably this is a DNS problem.

Read How to change DNS on Windows 10; What is DNS and why change it; Update 2018

Because many channels of IPTV lists are offline?

The main reason is that many of these free lists are the result of skillful “collage” by people who “steal” the flow a bit ‘here and a little’ there assembling the lists as a sum of parts of other lists … so, apart from the regular flows transmitted directly by the issuer (as might be the case of some digital terrestrial channels) for the other, when the rightful owner realizes it, runs for cover and change some parameter … the consequence will be that the channel is not it is more visible on your list.

Usually, in a couple of days, it is republished a new list with the non-functioning channels, correct!

Because many channels lists IPTV freezano, taking and often block?

The main reason for the freeze, assuming that your internet connection is of excellent quality, is that the channel you are seeing too many!

As it is reasonable to assume, if the list is free there will be many users of the service, which inevitably send the system into OVERLOAD (overload).

The direct consequence is that the video stream produces continuous blocks.

For that pirates often prefer risky private IPTV lists that, in the face of a payment, should ensure a free service blocks. But using them is a serious crime, you think you risk a fine and jail time.

If you experience locks on all the lists IPTV, you should check the speed of your connection :

  • 4-5MB / s for flows in low resolution
  •  7-10 Mb / s to see the streams in HD .
  • 12-20 Mb / s streams in full HD and 4K.

> For questions or suggestions … we write it in the comments !!!

lists IPTV February 2019

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